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pattern // fancy cabbage house embroidery design

Fancy Cabbage House Embroidery Pattern

Four words: embroidered fancy cabbage house. You may not have realized that you needed to stitch up a house that looks like a cabbage head, but we both know that you do. So that's why this is our free embroidery pattern for the month of August.

Each month's Kawaii Crossing design has some sort of special meaning for me. While I mentioned when I posted the calendar that this is an ode to my grandpa and the ornamental cabbages he grew, it's also connected to a childhood toy that I loved: Cabbage Patch Kids. Yes, I was one of the lucky kids that received one for Christmas when they were so hard to find.

I also got to meet a costume character of one of the Cabbage Patch Pets back in the 80s and I'm being totally serious when I say that it was one of the most memorable events of my childhood. I still have the note that she wrote me.

But even if you don't have the same Cabbage Patch Kids or Papa's garden memories that I do, I think you'll enjoy stitching this pattern. I think it would be really cute embroidered on a kitchen towel! Of course you can also add it to the other little embroidery patterns in the series. (Just scroll through this year's posts!)

In the pattern you'll find two sizes of patterns, both in regular and reversed designs. Stitch them using your favorite outline stitch or try filling things in like Anne-Marie has done.

Also, each month I share a version that's ready for piecing with felt applique over on Ko-Fi. When you buy me a Ko-Fi coffee, you get access to things I share there (including an upcoming printable!), you help me financially (it really does help!), and you make me smile (seriously!).

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