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pattern // fancy cabbage house cross stitch

Fancy Cabbage House Cross Stitch Chart

The cross stitched town of Kawaii Crossing just got a new resident and it lives in this fancy cabbage house! It's gotta be a rabbit living here, right? I'm so happy to be sharing this latest free cross stitch pattern to the collection.

Any time I make these little houses (or last year's shops), I start by drawing them as illustrations. Sometimes I think about how they might work as embroidery patterns or cross stitch charts, but not always. This was definitely one of those designs that I didn't consider how it would translate to tiny cross stitch when I drew it. The little frilly leaves were all but impossible to capture here. I've done my best.

I also haven't sample stitched this, so I'm crossing my fingers that it all looks right when stitched.


As a reminder, each of these house charts fits within a 30x30 area, so you can swap them in for the shops in last year's street with only a few minor grass adjustments. I've also seen at least one person who is adding these houses around the edge of the shops from last year. So fun!

Keeping this short and sweet for today because now I need to go stitch something!


  1. Can't wait to stitch this up!!!

  2. Mollie,

    I'm no expert but I have cross stitched for years - wow - just realized it's been 40 - and I think you did great on the leaves. I haven't stitched this but I know it's hard to graph details on a small area.


  3. Always love your patterns, Mollie! If it's not too much to ask, can you share what software you use to make your patterns?

    1. Thank you! I use the app Stitch Sketch Pro.


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