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pattern // big burger house embroidery design

Kawaii Crossing Big Burger House Embroidery Pattern

The embroidered town of Kawaii Crossing is about to get bigger with a Big Burger House! This latest free embroidery pattern is definitely the cutest cheeseburger you can live in. And I know these things.

Every house I've been adding to this collection has had a special meaning to me, and many have had a childhood connection. In this case, it takes me back to McDonaldland. When I was growing up, my dad worked for McDonald's and I spent lots of time visiting lots of restaurants under the golden arches. This was my childhood. Recently I met someone who also has the same kind of McDonald's memories as me and we had so much fun chatting!

This house isn't a specific McDonald's burger, although it's similar to a few they've offered (the McDLT comes to mind!). Instead, it's a homage to them all. It's certainly not the kind of burger you could literally climb into in the McDonald's Playland. But let me tell you, I LOVED the Big Mac Climber.

So anyway, that's what this month's Kawaii Crossing house is all about. Of course, the cross stitch version will come soon and there will be another related project or two as well. I love a theme!

For now, get started on some embroidery. The smaller version doesn't have the word "welcome" on the mat, but is just a pickle. You could do the same on the larger version if you want. Otherwise, stitch that bit with just one or two strands.

If you want to stitch this in felt applique (because that would look awesome!) each month I share a version that's ready for piecing over on Ko-Fi. Contributions really do help keep things going over here, and each one is so appreciated.


  1. I'm unable to download this or the one on Ko-Fi. Can you let me know why they always go an unknown site? quiltyladyrr
    at gmail dot com

    1. I am so sorry about that! It should be working now.

  2. Does this come in the cross stitch

  3. Thank you!!! I loved the Big Mac Climber too lol


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