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pattern // big burger house cross stitch

Big Burger House Cross Stitch

It's time for another free Kawaii Crossing chart! The Big Burger House is all ready to cross stitch. Yay!

There's probably something extra special in this one because it brings a whole bunch of childhood memories together. In my post about the matching embroidery pattern, I mentioned that my dad used to work for McDonald's, and my mom did too! There was a lot of car time, and she often worked on cross stitch (and candlewicking!) while in the passenger seat.

I don't remember if she ever cross stitched any McDonald's designs, but if this burger had been available all those years ago, she might have.

Before you download this chart, I do want to point out one thing. All the rest of the Kawaii Crossing houses have the same bottom edge so they sit on a line (or the grass!). If you're stitching them all together, they line up like houses in a neighborhood. Because this has a welcome mat, you'll need to make sure that the bottom of the house is in line with your other houses.

This is also another design with a tiny face on the flower box. To keep the eyes from being too small, make the french knots with just a single wrap or do a double wrap with a single strand of thread.


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