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pattern and project // embroidered felt ornaments for 2020

Embroidered Felt Ornaments 
Today's post is a combination of old and new. These embroidered felt ornaments are an old project that I made for a guest post back in 2011, but they never made their way to this blog. I remembered them at the same time that someone suggested that I should make some patterns that are an ode to this wild year of 2020. As I drew new designs, they seemed perfect for making using this felt ornament style that I still love, all these years later.

First, let me say that these Christmas 2020 designs are not here to make light of what is a weighty year. But they are a light-hearted way to remember some of the objects that have marked 2020: a mask, hand-sanitizer, and toilet paper. Oh, the toilet paper! Sometimes making something silly is a good way to reflect on hard things.
2020 Christmas Ornament Patterns 
So here's how this works. You can download the traditional and 2020 Christmas ornament patterns. Stitch them following my "vintage" tutorial, or use them however you choose! Of course, you can also use other patterns to make this type of ornament. They really are fun to make, and I happen to know folks who have these and still hang them on their tree each year! 

Embroidered Felt Ornaments 
Here's what you need:

Felt (I always use wool or wool-blend)
Embroidery floss
Tracing paper
Craft glue

Embroidered Felt Ornaments 
Trace the pattern on tracing paper. Embroider the design through the paper and one layer of felt. Cut around the ornament shape and then cut another piece of plain felt that matches.

Carefully tear away the tracing paper.
Embroidered Felt Ornaments 
Spread glue on the back of the embroidered piece, then place the plain piece on the back. When it dries, the ornament will be slightly stiff.  

Embroidered Felt Ornaments 
Cut a piece of embroidery floss and thread it through the top of the ornament. Tie the ends together to hang the ornament.

Make one or a whole bunch! They're so easy and fun. I especially like how using felt makes a good background for white embroidery floss, which is great for the snowflake face mask or the toilet paper bow on the wreath.

If you like Christmas 2020 patterns, you should also check out my Ko-Fi page! Folks who buy me a coffee get access to a free printable version that's in full-color and ready to use as gift tags!


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