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calendar // december's kawaii crossing tree lot wallpaper

Have you noticed that Christmas decorations are going up early in and on a lot of homes this year? We're all ready for some light and magic, and, well, Christmas. With that in mind, this last installment in Kawaii Crossing may already be late. But we're finishing off with a tree lot, including a not-so-little tree-shaped chalet.

Truth time: we started getting live trees maybe 10 years ago, but we've never chopped down our own tree or even gotten one from a lot. We usually end up with one from Menards. In fact, I visited a tree lot for the first time this week! It wasn't fancy, but it felt charming, just as I'd like to think the Kawaii Crossing one would be in real life!

Ready to add some holiday cheer to your screens? Grab a wallpaper!

Oh boy. When I draw the last design for the year, the end of a thing becomes very real. There will still be matching patterns to come for this, but Kawaii Crossing is almost done and I'm a little sad. Better start thinking about what to do for 2021...


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