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pattern // kawaii crossing costumier cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Costumier Cross Stitch

This month's Kawaii Crossing shop is filled with spooky costumes for Halloween, and now it's time to cross stitch this happy little costumier! Can you believe that with this we now have ten shops on the streets of this super cute town? I can't. Maybe it's because it's been so much fun to stitch this little by little with you.

Technically mine isn't entirely finished as you can see from the street, but it's almost there. If I'm smart I'll work in some time to just stitch the rest of the street for the last two shops before I even dig too far into the next design, which I'm super energized about (that may be a slight hint at what that will be).

Kawaii Crossing Costumier Cross Stitch

Putting costume pieces in the window of this shop was tricky for cross stitch. I mean, these designs are just 30x30, so there's not a lot of room for details that are done in cross stitch squares. But I think you can still tell that it's a Frankenstein's monster and a witch hat, right? Humor me. And also please ignore that stray guinea pig hair on my work.

The bats are also so tiny that they don't even get mouths. It's for the best because we don't want any vampire bats coming for you with their little fangs!

Okay, but now it's time for patterns!

Kawaii Crossing Costumier Cross Stitch

While we're in cross stitch talk, the other day I posted a video on Instagram showing how I cross stitch with the "sewing method." A bunch of people had never seen this before, so maybe a slower video of it in action might be helpful? If you'd like to see more of this, let me know!


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