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calendar // november's kawaii crossing coffee shop wallpaper

If you've been watching the Kawaii Crossing town grow, you may have noticed an important proprietor that's been missing. Because what happy little village would be complete without a coffee shop? I've been waiting all year for this one. That's I really love coffee.

I also get really excited about "red cup season", which traditionally has referred to when Starbucks releases their holiday drinks. Lots of places have holiday cups now and I think it's fun to see how big chains and local spots celebrate. (I've become a Dunkin coffee gal more lately!) It seems that the Kawaii Crossing coffee shop decided to go all out and make their whole shop into a red cup!

Whether you go for coffee, tea, or a hot cocoa, let's get these wallpapers downloaded!

I thought it would be so much fun to add a drive thru to this coffee shop, and that meant including a car. I don't draw a lot of cars, which is probably obvious. But simple is better anyway, since this will need to try and become a tiny embroidery pattern and cross stitch chart as well. I should probably start drinking extra coffee to make it happen!


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