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kid craft // make a crown

Make a Printable Crown!

It's time for another kid craft, and this time it's for a printable crown! The idea with these projects is that they are easy to make with your little ones and lots of fun to work on or use. I made this to go along with Queen Esther in the Bible, but crowns are always a good idea for when you are playing make-believe or you really just need to own the title of queen, king, princess, or prince.

The supplies for this are so basic, but there's room for really making it fancy too. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

Make a Printable Crown!

You will need:

Paper or Cardstock 
Crayons or Markers 
Sequins or Other Sparkly Things and Glue (optional) 


Make a Printable Crown!

Decorate the crown. 

I made mine simple and just colored the gemstones. I mean, I did blend the colors a little, but it was super easy and even kids can learn this technique...it's just two similar colors. (These happen to be adapted from my gemstone embroidery patterns if you're so inclined to stitch them!) 

Then I added a few sequins, because bling, but also simple. More would be lots of fun, but so would lots of other items!

Make a Printable Crown!

Cut the pieces apart. 

This crown has three strips with a zig-zag edge. First, cut across the straight lines, then cut the zig-zag part to make the points. 

Make a Printable Crown!

Staple the pieces together.

Hold two crown pieces with the backs facing each other. Staple one end together. Add the third piece to one side, again, with the backs facing. Finally, staple the remaining ends. 

You'll end up with a triangular crown that might look a little too small. But that's what makes this design work! Because of how you staple the ends, it creates some tension which is what makes it fit most head sizes. This fits my teddy bear, a kid, and even me as an adult! If it really was still too big, you could add another set of staples at one of the joins.

When I first saw this way to construct a hat like this, I was delighted and happy to pass it along to you. 

Now all that's left is to get dressed up and rule the kingdom!


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