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calendar // september's kawaii crossing yarn shop wallpaper

This month's free wallpaper is inspired by a dear friend of mine. Because I know that I can get Katie Green to visit Kawaii Crossing if I tell her there's a yarn shop that's shaped like a giant ball of green yarn. There's no way she'll turn that down.

You see, in addition to being my faraway friend whom I miss dearly (we were supposed to meet in New York City this year, but something got in our way), she is also my yarn encourager/enabler. She helps me when I get stuck in a pattern and I can't think of a time when she's told me "you don't need that yarn". And this is her birthday month. That deserves a shop on the Kawaii Crossing street, don't you think?

Patterns and more fun to come this month, but first we need some wallpapers to get us started!

I'll admit that it's so hot (and I've been so busy) that I haven't done much knitting in the last couple months. But I'm so ready to get back to it! I already have a few projects on my needles, but there's always room for another. Maybe I'll even design something new!


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