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printable // solar system lacing cards

Solar System Lacing Cards 

I love stitching and if you do too, you can share that love with kids as they use these printable lacing cards! Someone suggested that planets would be fun, and I agree. So I spruced up my Solar System Set illustrations and now we have kawaii planet lacing cards!

These are a great way for young children to practice the same kinds of stitching motions as they would with some embroidery and hand sewing. They can try out running stitch and whip stitch, which are excellent ways to start.

Solar System Lacing Cards 

You will need:

Hole Punch
Beads (optional, but helpful)

Solar System Lacing Cards 

Print the planets on cardstock and cut out the planet shapes. If you want to laminate the cards so they hold up better, now's the time to do that.

Solar System Lacing Cards  

Punch a hole on every little white dot. 

I usually like to use a 1/8-inch hole punch for this, but mine has recently gone missing. So a standard punch will do.

Solar System Lacing Cards 

Cut a piece of yarn that's about two times as long as the circumference of the planet. You may want to make some in different lengths.

Tape one end to make it easier to thread it through the lacing cards.

Solar System Lacing Cards 

Tie a bead to the other end of the yarn. This will be a stopper so it doesn't pull through.  

Solar System Lacing Cards Solar System Lacing Cards 

Start lacing the yarn through the holes. For this one, I did running stitch so the yarn goes up and down.

Solar System Lacing Cards 

You can also simply tape one end of the yarn to the back of the card instead of using a bead.

Solar System Lacing Cards 

 To practice whip stitch (which is the more common method on lacing cards), lace around the edge of the cards.

Solar System Lacing Cards

Try lacing all the different planets (and the sun and moon), then lay them all out so they are in the correct order from the sun! Also, I'm old school so I let Pluto still hang out with his pals. 

Now, I will warn you. As I work on these, every time, I get the song Interplanet Janet stuck in my head. You remember that song, right? Schoolhouse Rock? Please tell me I'm not the only one! 


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