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pattern // kawaii crossing bakery cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Bakery Cross Stitch

Well, I finished cross stitching the Kawaii Crossing Bakery, and now I have the free pattern for you!

Let me tell you, this little town is my happy place. And I just want to spend more time here. Like, I want to actually walk down these streets and visit the sewing shop, garden center, and bakery. Because a sweet and cute world is what I'm craving. How about you?

Kawaii Crossing Bakery Cross Stitch

As I added the bakery to my town, I continued stitching the streets a little. Stitching all of this early would make the rest of this a lot easier down the road (get it...streets? down the road?). But I'm adding it bit by bit. At any rate, I love seeing this second row showing up.

A few folks wanted to do theirs all in one long row, which is also fantastic, and I can't wait to see! If that's you, tag me (@molliejohanson) on Instagram and/or use the tag #kawaiicrossing or #wildolivestitchingclub so everyone can also see your work!

Kawaii Crossing Bakery Cross Stitch

Oh, and I over-stitched my green grass, so what you see doesn't match up with the chart. But it may? We shall see as I get started on the June design.

You can grab the updated Kawaii Crossing Stitching Club chart below or work with the individual shop charts, which are under the cross stitch patterns from this year.


  1. So cute! What do I make with them now? I need ideas.

    1. I'm either going to frame mine or maybe make it into a panel on a bag.


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