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pattern // december's jar of cranberry conserves

December Jam of the Month Club Embroidery Pattern

Twelve months of jam embroidery patterns? YES! We did it! I mean, almost. It's December and the last pattern, cranberry conserves, is here. You can now finish off your Jam of the Month embroidery and EPP (if you opted to stitch the mini quilt).

Mine isn't quite stitched yet because I also wanted to make a little cranberry conserves felt project that will be posted shortly. So once again you get a picture of my Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy pattern all printed and ready for me to stitch. But you also get a pattern so you can stitch yours before I even thread my needle. Hooray!

December Jam of the Month Club Embroidery Pattern

If you listen to the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, you may have heard us talk about the Train of Shame, and that's a little like what I'm sharing here now. These are my still unstitched patterns from the Jam of the Month Club. Yikes! But if you also listen to the latest episode, you'll hear what happened to my plans for making progress on the EPP portion of this.

Let's just say I'm really behind and that feels like the story of my life. I'm not going to dwell on it though.

The big question is now, will I finish or simply get distracted by my (super cute!) plans for 2020? I think we all know how this will go...


  1. I really want to learn embroidery in 2020!


  2. Thank you so much for 2019's BOM. I have throughly enjoyed embroidering each month. They were sim*le enough to take everywhere and work on each. waitI can't for 2020. BTW on your blog today a really cute gift for my cats, I'll have to make 3, but where we click for the *atterns is no longer available. What is the actual size of the *roject, maybe I can figure it out with the actual size. Thanks. * = the letter between O-Q
    quiltyladyrr at gmail dot com.

    1. The link to the pattern is all updated now. Sorry about that!


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