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pattern // september's jar of apple jelly

2019 September Jam of the Month Embroidery Pattern

Who is ready to stitch some apple jelly? I know I am! Well, actually, I already stitched the apple jelly embroidery pattern today. Obviously, because I was ready!

Most of these have kept to the absolute basics, with only my three go-to stitches: back stitch, French knot, and scallop stitch (a fly stitch variation). For this one, I used those and a few more. Most things are back stitch. Here are the others:

Face: French knots and scallop stitch
Ridges at the top of the lid: straight stitch
Thick line at the bottom of the lid: chain stitch
Scallops around the tag: scallop stitch (note that these lines aren't on the pattern, I just stitched)
Bow loops: lazy daisy

They're still simple stitches, but they do get a little layered up around the top of the tag!

I hope you have as fun stitching this one as I did! Oh, one other thing. I used a darker shade of gray for my lid (169 instead of 168) because I'm working on light gray fabric. Use what you like best for yours!

But now I have a question for you. This month's design was a toss-up for me. Apple jelly or apple butter. Which one is your favorite?


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  2. Nice Article, Thanks for sharing beautiful stitching.
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  3. Love both apple jelly and apple, but if I'm making it I make apple butter. it's Easier and feels more nutritious.

  4. P.S. This series is so adorable!


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