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project // embroidered cherry jar topper

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Need a last-minute gift to give someone sweet? You can stitch this embroidered jar topper while watching a few episodes of your favorite show! Fill the jar with some treats and you have a gift that shows you care...even if you are working down to the wire...

I'm posting this on February 12th, which isn't ideal for Valentine's Day making. But I really did make this last night and take the pictures today. Just to show you that you really can make this in a hurry. And if you find this after Valentine's Day, you can still give this as a gift for someone sweet anytime. Think teacher or thank you gifts, or you could even save it for Sweethearts day.

At any rate, it's fast and fun, and you can fill it with lots of cherry goodness!

You will need:

Fabric (at least 7 inches square)
Embroidery floss (I used DMC 598, 472, 351, and 310)
Basic Embroidery Supplies
Circle Template (I used a lid)
Pinking Shears
Jar with Canning Lid
Something to Go in the Jar


You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Transfer the embroidery pattern on your fabric and stitch the design. I used 3 strands of floss throughout. I used back stitch for all the outlines, french knots for the regular eyes, and scallop stitch for the smiles and smiling eyes.

The pattern is sized to fit a wide-mouth canning jar lid, but if you want to use a standard size lid, print the pattern out at 75%.

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Find something that can work as a round template. You want the circle to be a few inches larger than the lid of your canning jar. For mine, I used a lid that's about 7" in diameter.

Trace around the template with the embroidered in the center.

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Cut out the circle with pinking shears.

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Fill the jar with something sweet. If it's cherry-flavored, that's even better. Here are some ideas:

Cherry Hershey's Kisses
Cherry Gummy Candy
Cherry M&Ms
Sour Cherry Candy
Cherry Jelly Bellies

...You get the idea! If you don't want to give candy, you could also fill the jar with notes. Because what's sweeter than kind (or romantic!) words?

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Place the solid lid on the jar, then cover it with your embroidered circle. Hold the fabric in place with the embroidery centered on the lid. You do need to hold it as you screw the ring on the jar, because it will shift otherwise.

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Once the ring is in place, you're ready to give this cherry sweet gift!

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

Of course, you could use this pattern to make other items, like cards or little pins. I even think you could use cherry-scented air freshener beads in this jar, and just leave out the solid jar lid. What do you think?

Oh, and for my Jam of the Month Stitching Club friends, this ISN'T the monthly pattern for the EPP project. That's still coming, but I wanted to use part of the design to make something else fun!

You're Cherry Sweet Embroidered Jar Topper

What will you fill your jar with and who are you going to gift it to?


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!