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pattern // a soft pink october birthstone

October Tourmaline Pattern

Who's ready to stitch another birthstone? This month's free embroidery pattern is for an old mine cut of a tourmaline, but then, you could really stitch this in any color. And you can easily combine it with other birthstone embroidery patterns to make any design you like.

But if you've been following along this year, the October Tourmaline embroidery pattern is meant to go in the center of some gem-like English paper piecing blocks. The templates are included in the pattern below.

If you're just finding this, this is the tenth pattern in my free Birthstone Wild Olive Stitching Club. They'll come together to make a project...eventually. It's definitely a long and slow-going project.

And for honesty's sake, let's just be real about how slow crafting can be.

Now, I'm a "professional crafter", as in, I make the majority of my income from designing craft projects and writing about them. Literally, the bulk of my time is spent in craft-related work and I churn out a lot of projects each month. But that's mostly separate from this blog, which means anything I do for my blog (and sometimes my shop!) fall under extra crafting. Almost like a hobby that you don't always have time for. It sounds silly, but it's how it is sometimes.

Wild Olive Birthstone Stitching Club

So here's the current state of my own Wild Olive Stitching Club that I started at the beginning of 2018. Note that the year started out okay and I did a little catch up at one point. I finally basted some half hexagons last night, but missed a few for the May Emerald block. Apparently I never even cut out the June pieces and I'm not entirely sure where I put that fabric...and I still haven't stitched July!

This is clearly a slow project and I'm just going with it that way! I'll take a few evenings to do some piecing soon, and before long they'll all be ready to join and finish as a birthday table mat.

How about you? Are you a fast crafter or do you let yourself take it easy? There's no guilt or shame in either one!


  1. Just love this Mollie! I’ve printed these out and plan to get stuck into them! I’m planning on stitching the larger design and using the templates from one of the previous stitching clubs. Just wondering how many strands would you suggest? And if you get a chance I would love to know the colour numbers you have used so far? Can’t wait to see it all together!

  2. I'm a "one day I'm going to craft again" crafter! Until then, I'm enjoying every full day :-) Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.


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