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pattern // an emerald birthstone for may

May Emerald Birthstone Embroidery Pattern

We're five months into 2018 and this free birthstone-themed stitching club. And it would seem that mid-month is when these patterns release, regardless of when I'd like the patterns to show up. But hey! You've had a free pattern every month so far, so let's call that a win.

This month we're stitching an emerald-cut emerald. Of course, with all these patterns, you could really make them any stone you want. You're really getting a total of 12 gemstone shapes!

I chose a blue-ish emerald green for my stitching (DMC 3850), which I love the look of. It's almost a dark teal. The tricky part was when I went looking for fabrics to match so I can add the EPP half hexagons around this, I realized that I have a severe lack of emerald fabrics. Typically my favorite greens have more yellow, and the rest are truly teal.

Not wanting to buy more fabric (pause: that's a lie...I almost always want to buy more fabric), I decided to make it work and found a few that I think give it an emerald feel.

May Emerald Birthstone Embroidery Pattern

I also managed to finally stitch a wonky April diamond! And none have their EPP surrounding them yet. But they will.

And remember, you can access all the #WildOliveStitchingClub birthstone patterns, including the layout for a special birthday placemat. I'll share more about how that goes together later in the year. I promise!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. This is a beautiful design, keep up the great posts.


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