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project // rainbow-stitched cuff bracelet

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

When DMC released their stitchable cuff bracelets not too long ago, I was excited to try them. I don't wear cuffs very often, but you know...this is just too fun, right? I mean, who can resist embroidered jewelry?

These faux-leather cuffs come pre-punched and ready to stitch. They come in four colors (black, white, pink, and blue) and they have two snaps. Technically, those snaps make the size adjustable, though I think it's really intended to be one-size using both snaps.

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

The sample photos and other patterns I've seen for these cuffs show them with cross stitch. But I wanted to see how I might use the bracelets with simple embroidery. And what could be simpler than stripes of back stitch? But not just any stripes...rainbow stripes!

DMC sent me one of each color to try, and I went with black to show off my nearly neon rainbow palette. It feels a bit like a video game to me, and definitely like my childhood.

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

To make a rainbow cuff bracelet, you will need a DMC Stitchable Cuff and 10 embroidery floss colors (There are ten long rows of holes). I used DMC 350, 3340, 741, 743, 3819, 993, 806, 156, 3607, and 3832.

For some rainbow inspiration, check out my collection of rainbow floss palettes. You'll need to add a few extra colors in there, but they'll get you started!

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

For each color, stitch a line of back stitch, working through the pre-punched holes.

One of the things I love about this is that it doesn't require much thought as you work. It's just straight lines! Mind you, I did stitch half a row before realizing that it was the wrong color. Oops! Just pay attention that you have the colors in rainbow order.

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

I'm not opposed to knots on the back of embroidery, but in this case, I didn't trust them to not pop through the holes in the bracelet. To start each line I held a tail on the back and stitched over the tail to secure it and to end each line, I wove the thread through the back of the stitches.

Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet
Rainbow-Stitched DMC Cuff Bracelet

You can stitch this entire bracelet in an afternoon or evening (maybe two), and I'm quite sure you'll find it to be super relaxing. I already have plans for my next cuff!

Many thanks to DMC for sending me these to try, and for making such fun products and great floss!


  1. Hello!
    My name is Renata and I am a beginner embroiderer from Brazil.
    My technique is really good, but I can not even draw a stick house.
    Your pdfs helped me a lot!
    Thank you for making them available!
    God bless you!

    * hugs *

  2. beautiful bracelet I love it. Thank you for sharing. My name is Brandy, and im new to the blogging community, its nice to meet you, have a lovely day http://whimsicalwolfblog.com/

  3. stitching style makes bracelet a gorgeous bracelet even though when it wears to hand looks more beautiful. thanks embroidery library


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