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color combos // rainbow floss palettes

Rainbow Color Combos

I always take delight in choosing embroidery floss colors and putting them together in pleasing combinations. Usually I don't have a plan for actually stitching with them, but I love the process of seeing what works well as a group. You can find many that I've put together here.

After I select the colors I like, the next best thing is putting them in color order. A rainbow of embroidery floss is just so pleasing! Rainbow embroidery is so enjoyable to me that I recently shared a list of rainbow stitching projects.

So I thought that with St. Patrick's Day coming up and with that pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, perhaps we could do with a collection of rainbow color combos. Each one has a different feeling, but they are all based on a ROY G. BIV rainbow.

I also like to give my color combos fun names, so bear with me as I get a little cheesy...

Rainbow Combos // Tweaked Tradition

Tweaked Tradition // This one takes a traditional rainbow and gives it a twist. It's what I would use for stitching the rainbow leading to the pot of gold in these St. Patrick's Day patterns.

Rainbow Combos // Practically Pastel

Practically Pastel // Not all rainbows have to be bold, right? This one is a much lighter tint of ROY G. BIV, and it's pastel pretty.

Rainbow Combos // Nearly Neon

Nearly Neon // You can buy true neon embroidery floss, but the texture isn't one I like. These rainbow colors are close to neon but in standard cotton thread. And you don't even have to plug them in!

Rainbow Combos // Mildly Muted

Mildy Muted // If you want something a little more subdued, this is the color combo for you.

Rainbow Combos // Light & Bright

Light & Bright // This one may be my favorite. It's just so fresh and fun! It would also pair well with the Nearly Neon or Tweaked Tradition combos for a wider range of colors.

If you go to stitch with any of these and need a few more colors to fill out what you're stitching, look for shades that are a couple numbers up or down from what's here.

And these are from the complete DMC collection, so you may not be able to find all of the colors at your local floss supplier (Wal-Mart, for example, has a limited range). But even if you can't find all of them, these should help you find inspiration to create your own rainbows of embroidery floss!


  1. I love all the colour combinations on this post - for different reasons. I never thought to do this as I often work with shades of one colour or a couple of related colours.

  2. It's so funny, because yesterday another of my favorite blogs posted a similar roundup of rainbow yarn color palettes (https://blog.tincanknits.com/2016/02/25/rainbows-forever/). Yours are so good!


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