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pattern // demure dinosaur


I often like to give the illustrative characters I make fun little names that describe their personalities. Not all of the objects and animals have these names, but sometimes I just can't resist. This dinosaur has now taken several forms this month, and it was only as I was setting up this last dino post that I realized that he (she?) is a Demure Dinosaur. It's the face that told me that...

Anyway, if sewing a stuffed Demure Dinosaur wasn't your thing, perhaps embroidering one will be!

The PDF has the dinosaur as a smaller motif without the frame and stars, and one that is shown above. This is the same size hexagon as the patterns from January and February, so you could stitch a great big sampler if you want!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you, Mollie! So cute! I've been so busy but once things slow down a bit I'll be stitching this lovely monthly series.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I absolutely adore this character! So very very cute!!!

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    My granma gave me a couple of those metal hoops. Too bad they leave horrible rust marks on the fabric. (snif)

  4. Cute! Such an adorable pattern.

  5. "Demure" definitely suits her!


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