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ornamentation: christmas pudding

Today's ornament is easy to put together, and is a good example of how you can take many of my embroidery patterns and convert them to felt.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

This is what I always think of as a Christmas Pudding. And in fact, when you google image search for "christmas pudding", you see something like this. My dad and sister saw this and thought it was a cupcake. What? Oh dear.

Anyway, this is taken from my Advent Tinies pattern and then enlarged. The elements have been separated for you in the pattern PDF, but you can take lots of different patterns like this, and cut apart the pieces to make a felt ornament. I've made mine the fast way, with glue, but you can stitch it together instead.

Here's what you need:
Craft glue
Embroidery floss
Christmas Pudding pattern PDF

Christmas Pudding Ornament

Cut out the pieces.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

Stitch on the face.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

Add some glue along the top, then stick on the white frosting.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

Glue on the remaining pieces, then add an embroidery floss hanger.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

If you're feeling extra industrious, you can stitch on all of the pieces. This is the ornament that my baby sister made. I cut out the pieces, and she pretty much took care of the rest. She's almost 7, and clearly I've been training her well! I just love the face she made!

Maybe you've got some little ones around who are making ornaments? Blog about it and link up!


  1. so cute!


  2. I knew exactly what it was! Too adorable!

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    This is so cute.Thank you

  4. Cute but I can't download it.

    1. Hmm...It's working on my end. What happens when you click the link?


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