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ornamentation: handmade joy

Today, I have two special joy-related things for you! First, an ornament! Surprise! Oh, wait. You were probably expecting that. Well, check out this easy ornament, then when you reach the end of the post, I have an actual surprise for you!


Here's what you need:
3 wooden nickels
Acrylic paint
Twill tape/trim
Craft glue
Embroidery floss


Paint the wooden nickels to spell out "JOY". I started with a thin coat of gold paint, then added the letters and border.


Once they're dry, glue the letter discs onto the twill tape. Trim the bottom edge to have a little V shape.


At the top of the ornament, fold over the twill tape, and sew it down with a few running stitches. Use this to form the ornament hanger.


Display your JOY on the tree...as you listen to some Christmas music!

Handmade Joy

Here's the real surprise! My brother and I led music at church the other day, and we had so much fun working together, we decided to record the songs and share them!

Handmade Joy by Wild Olive

This isn't anything fancy, just us singing and celebrating. We had fun making this little EP, and hope you enjoy listening. Sing Joy!


  1. Beautiful music! So glad you shared this.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for taking the time to post this!

  3. You have a beautiful voice - thanks for sharing! And thanks for all your wonderful ornament ideas and tutorials...

  4. Very nice job Mollie and Anders. It sounds great!


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