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friendship week: talia's friendship pattern

Talia of Number 19 has created something special for Friendship Week. We like embroidery patterns around here, right?

Hello Wild Olive readers!

I hope you're enjoying Friendship Week!

This week I drew up this pattern, inspired by friendship week. How important it is to have good friends around us, and what a gift they can be! I'm very blessed to be married to my very best friend, and that we have great friends around us that we can hang out with together! I must admit, I do love those girl times having manicures, scrapbooking, and chatting!

If you print this pattern out on A4 paper then it should fit just neatly into an 8” hoop. I haven´t left any instructions for colours, because I want you to be CREATIVE, and do colours that suit you, or a friend you might give this to when you´re done!

You can download the free pattern here.

Speaking of creativity, that's exactly what I'm talking about this week over at Number 19, and I'd love for you to join in the conversation!

~ Talia
Number 19


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I love this piece its sooooo cute. I tried to get the pattern and it won't let me. :( What am I doing wrong? Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sorry about that! The link is all fixed now.


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