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friendship week: wind in the willows friend portraits

I chose Friendship Week because it felt like the perfect fit for the group of friends in Wind in the Willows. They encourage, help, challenge and love each other, and live life as a fun little group.

WITW pics

Inspired by the style of decorating that you see in the characters' homes, I made some printed and paper-pieced portraits. They are so quick and easy to put together!

WITW pics

You'll need:
Glue dots (as much as I hate them!)
Scrapbooking Paper
WITW Portraits PDF
Card stock

Print the PDF portraits onto card stock, then choose scrapbooking paper for the frames and backgrounds.

WITW pics

Cut out around the characters, and use the printed frames as templates. From contrasting scrapbooking papers, cut a solid piece for the backing (it can be cut slightly inside the line), and a frame piece.

WITW pics

Use glue dots to stick everything together, and give it a bit of dimension!

Depending on how you'll use the finished portraits you could mount them onto a thicker board and add a ribbon hanger. I've not decided my final use for these yet, but I think they would be adorable hanging in a baby's room (I don't have a baby though).

They would also be fun on scrapbook pages or the front of a card. Have fun!


  1. Such a great idea!! Easy and so cool! :D

  2. Thank you this is going to be my art and craft for the first week back of term! We are doing Wind in the Willows in Week 5! You have saved me thank you so much!


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