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the third woodlanders embroidery pattern...

Antiquated Mossy Stone

I had really grand plans for stitching this. I thought that the moss part of Antiquated Mossy Stone would look fantastic if it was all stitched in french knots (like how Kristi stitched the Cherry Pie). But...well...that didn't happen. Instead I resorted to applique in some of my favorite green wool felt. I think it has a nice mossy feel to it.

This will soon be used for a project that I can use on spring walks. It's my way of being optimistic that spring is, in fact, coming soon. When this fun little items gets made, I'll share more.

For now, download the new Antiquated Mossy Stone embroidery pattern, and have fun stitching!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the way the felt looks. LOVE. ♥


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