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my own version of tweeting...

I don't use Twitter. It's another thing for me to be distracted by. (As it is, I'm on Facebook, Flickr, and I've been trying Google Buzz.) This blog is where I'd rather keep my attention for most things. And so I've been thinking that I might occasionally post little "tweets" here. For example:

My sister just noticed that I had embroidery floss stuck to my backside. A very normal occurrence.


  1. hahaha!

    I just went to the mailbox and found a package from you from your giveaway that I won.
    I am blown away by your kindness and the lovely things in the package you sent me. I love everything in it!
    I don't know what to say.......
    Thank you just isn't enough!
    Blessings and the very best in everything you do.......


  2. I like your idea.

    And sorry to hear about the backside floss - it made me laugh - but you're not alone!

  3. Well, I'm so glad that you like it! Enjoy, and thank you for being so sweet!


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