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project // felt kawaii emoji peach keyring

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Know what would be perfectly peachy? Adorning your keychain with a fuzzy felt peach! Since this month's Jam of the Month is peach jam, I thought it would be fun to make a little felt peach with a kawaii face. And a keyring seemed the perfect way to use this fruity friend!

Now, I know that in the world of emojis, a peach can be, um...questionable. But I'm choosing to make this a very sweet and innocent peach. Your own keyring can represent whatever you choose. Ha!

You might also be thinking that felt for a keychain could be a bad choice. You'd be wrong, just like I was years ago. I bought the book Cute Stuff by Aronzi Aronzo, and it showed how to make felt keychains. I figured I was making an item that wouldn't last long, but it was cute for now. No joke, my mom used that embroidered felt keychain for YEARS. Yes, it looked worn, but it held on. So don't be afraid to make this little gal.

Now, be a peach and grab some felt so you can get started!

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Here's what you need:

Wool Blend Felt in Peach and Green
Peach and Black Embroidery Floss
Pink or Red Crayons


Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Use the pattern to cut out two peach pieces and a rectangle from peach felt. Cut out one leaf from green felt.

I like to use freezer paper to accurately cut out my pieces, but you can use a regular paper pattern.

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Use three strands of black embroidery floss to stitch the face on one peach shape. You can freehand this if you want, or trace the face on tracing paper (or the freezer paper), then stitch through the paper and tear it away when you're done.

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Use a crayon to lightly add peachy cheeks if you want to make your peach extra kawaii. Be sure to test this on a scrap of peach felt first.

I didn't love the way the pink looked on its own, so I added a bit of red over it.

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

Place the two peach pieces together and stitch around the outside, starting near the bottom. Use three strands of peach embroidery floss.

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

When you get near the top, pause your peach stitching. Fold the felt rectangle over the keyring and place it between the layers. Place the leaf over that. Be sure that they are tucked down between the layers enough to catch them when you continue stitching.

Stitch through all the layers at the top of the peach. Try to get several stitches through the leaf and the tab of felt. If you need to, you can even go back and add stitches in between the running stitches.

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

When you get near the bottom, pause again. This time add a tiny bit of stuffing in the peach. It doesn't take much!

Finish stitching to close it up, and you're done!

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

This little peach is ready to hold your keys or just hang out on a zipper pull or tote bag handle. You could even add a tiny crown to make it a princess peach (any Mario fans reading this?)!

Felt Kawaii Peach Key Ring

I also just had a realization. You could use this to hold your spare key. That way it would help you get out of a peach jam!

pattern // peach jam cross stitch chart

August Jam of the Month Cross Stitch

Special delivery for all my Jam of the Month Club cross stitchers! This month you get your free cross stitch chart before the embroidery pattern comes out. Just because.

I'm absolutely crazy about this peach jam and the colors in it. If you're stitching these as individual designs or the ever-filling shelves, I think you'll love this bright and cheery jar too.

August Jam of the Month Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has been creeping into my design work more and more and I'm not mad about it. The only thing is just that I'm really slow about the actual stitching. It's why I'm thrilled that Cross Stitch Crazy has speedy stitchers to help with that part. You can see their amazing work in these two recent patterns I made for issues 258 and 259.

Designs for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine
Designs for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

Meanwhile, I'm working on another Halloween chart that I'm stitching myself to share elsewhere and this is as far as I've gotten in three evenings:

Halloween Stitching

I think I had better get busy if I want to finish in time! How about you? Are you a fast or slow stitcher? And if you're speedy, what's your secret?

calendar // august's peach jam

At this very moment, there is a bag of "Georgia Fuzzies" sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm not sure who decided to give fruit such adorable names, but I'm so glad they did. The Georgia Fuzzies peaches won't be turning into peach jam this time around, but that's okay because I already have kawaii cute jars drawn up for this month. Obviously, illustrations and patterns aren't as tasty as the real deal, but they are super sweet.

I'm really into the colors for this month's calendar, and I hope you enjoy them too. They're still screaming "summer", which is nice when back-to-school comes early for so many. At least we can hold onto some of the summer bits!

Now, whether you're heading back to school, sending kids off for first days of school, enjoying the last days of summer, or all those things, spread some peach jam fun on your favorite digital device!

Oh, and for a bit of extra fun that I made in the last month or so, and that you really shouldn't miss, check out these projects on other sites. I used some of my favorite colors of Benzie felt for these!

Seashell Embroidery and Applique Pattern

Summer Seashells Pattern for embroidery and applique at The Spruce Crafts.

Sloth Pencil Toppers

Pastel Sloth Pencil Toppers at Handmade Charlotte.

What are you planning to make in August?

pattern // strawberry rhubarb cross stitch chart

Cross Stitch Supplies

Who has their cross stitch supplies ready? I hope you do, because I have a Strawberry Rhubarb Jam cross stitch chart for you! And just like all the Jam of the Month patterns, this is a free cross stitch pattern/stitching club. Will it always be free? I'm not sure. But it is right now.

When I'm making embroidery patterns, I love adding some fun angles in the design. If you know anything about cross stitch, and if you're excited about this pattern, you probably do, then you know that slight angles don't always work so well on a grid. At least on a small grid!

This was definitely one of those designs where, because of the size, I needed to make the fruit a little less jaunty than on the embroidery version. It may not be something you ever think about, but I find these kinds of things interesting. It makes it fun to see how I can take my designs in different directions, even when they are mostly the same!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Cross Stitch Pattern

If you're just finding my Jam of the Month patterns for the first time, well...welcome! And thanks! Each month this year I'm releasing a free cross stitch design for a jar of jam, marmalade, etc. They come as individual charts, but you can also make them into a large shelf filled with the jars. You can grab both versions above.

And whether you're new or have been stitching along the whole time, you know I want to see your stitches. Tag me on Instagram (I'm @molliejohanson) or use the hashtag #wildolivestitchingclub.

Oh, and if you want to support my work, I'd love it if you tell your friends about my patterns, share my posts on social media, or buy me a coffee via the link in my sidebar (because I pretty much run on coffee and Jesus!).

pattern // july's jar of strawberry rhubarb jam

2019 July Jam of the Month Club Embroidery Pattern

My latest Jam of the Month Club embroidery pattern is printed out and attached to my fabric, and I have full intentions of starting the stitching. But I know me and I know you, and I don't want this to wait any longer. Even just a day or two.

And so rather than delaying this post more, I'm sharing the newest free Wild Olive Stitching Club pattern today! With my still unstitched sample!

Like all of the previous jars, I'll be using back stitch for the majority of the design, with my favorite stitches for faces. But I'm also going to use chain stitch for the thick line that is the jar seal. I think that will look perfect there.

And in case you missed it, all these jam jars I'm (we're!) stitching will come together in a mini quilt that looks like shelves. I'm equally behind on my EPP for that too, but I'm hoping to carve out some time for progress soon. Because I've seen lots of great progress from folks on Instagram at the #wildolivestitchingclub hashtag!

Okay, now I'm off to try and do some stitching. Not for this just yet, but for something else fun. Why must there be so many projects that I'm excited about?

calendar // july's strawberry rhubarb jam wallpapers

July, July...halfway through the year! It's hard to believe it. But I've been excited for the July calendar wallpaper because I decided to make this jam of the month strawberry rhubarb.

My grandpa always grew rhubarb in the garden and so I have fond memories of all the rhubarb recipes my grandma would make. This seemed like a fitting way to honor Nanny (and Papa!) within this year of canned jams.

So grab a calendar for your favorite device and enjoy this taste of summer!

S2E13: Nightmare Yarn, Garment Making, and When Crafting Doesn't Help

And while we're checking in for a new month, I thought I should share the latest Very Serious Crafts Podcast episode with you! Season 2, episode 13 just dropped today and it's even a strawberry rhubarb kind of color...

Head to Very Serious Crafts to download and listen!

project // cross-stitched crochet pouch

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

Have you ever cross stitched or embroidered on knit or crochet items? It's such a fun way to combine two crafts, and that means more possibilities! Recently I wrote a tutorial for The Spruce Crafts on how to cross stitch on single crochet. And I didn't want to let my little swatch go to waste, so I made it into a simple pouch.

Of course, not wanting the making of a simple pouch to go to waste, I made it into a tutorial for you. You're welcome. Seriously though, this is pretty easy to figure out on your own if you crochet. But even if you're new to crochet this is simple and a fun way to get started while staying true to your stitching self.

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

You can make your pouch pretty much any size you want. Mine is just large enough to hold a few craft tools. (Disclaimer: You should only place scissors in your crocheted pouch if you line it with fabric or cap the point of the scissors.) I also think it would be perfect for holding feminine hygiene products!

To make the pouch, you will need:

Yarn in a base color
Yarn in a few more colors
Crochet hook - use the size recommended for the yarn you're using
Tapestry needle

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

First, make a single crochet rectangle that's the size you want for your pouch. I made mine 20 stitches wide and I worked until it measured about 10 inches. Don't end off the yarn just yet.

I kept an active loop while I did the cross stitch because when I was adding the embellishment, I hadn't finalized the size and details of the pouch. But you can wait to add the cross stitch until after the next step.

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

After you finish the single crochet, it's time to make the buttonhole loops. Decide how far in your want the buttons (or just a single button in the middle) and count the stitches in from the edge. Count how many stitches wide your buttons are.

Slip stitch until you reach the location of the first buttonhole. Chain stitch as many stitches as needed for the button to fit through. Continue slip stitching until you reach the next buttonhole, and repeat.

End off the yarn and weave in the end.

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

Fold up the bottom edge to figure out the placement for the cross stitching and the buttons. Stitch a design following my tutorial, then sew on the buttons.

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

Attach yarn to each side and slip stitch to close up the sides of the pouch. End off the yarn and weave in the ends.

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch
Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

And it's a finished pouch! If you want to use your pouch to hold tiny items (like stitch markers or even pointy things that could catch on the yarn), you can sew a fabric liner and stitch it into place. Mine is staying just like this!

Cross Stitched Crochet Pouch

So now, a few notes about this project:

• First, I don't have any basic crochet tutorials here on my blog, but I have a bunch at The Spruce Crafts. If you need to learn any of the stitches I mentioned in this post, visit The Spruce's crochet section.

• I used yarn that I had on hand, including Lion Brand BonBons (because they're so cute!). But I'm excited to do more cross stitch on crochet with tapestry yarn, which comes in so many colors and is a beautiful quality. Benzie sent me a bunch to play with!

• And with that tapestry yarn in mind, I've been thinking of making a few Wild Olive-esque patterns that would be small and suitable for cross stitch on crochet. Would that be something you'd be interested in? Tell me in the comments!

pattern // pineapple marmalade cross stitch chart

Cross Stitch Supplies

Hey, cross stitch friends! Are you ready for your version of the Pineapple Marmalade Jam of the Month pattern? I hope so. Because this month's free cross stitch chart is here.

Some of these patterns have taken me a while to set up and post, but I don't know what it is about summer and pineapples that gets me so excited...I just couldn't wait! That summer tropical fruit motivation made it happen.

When I design cross stitch patterns, I try to keep the back stitch to a minimum. This is funny because, in embroidery, back stitch is my favorite! But for this design, it does have a little back stitch to make the markings on the pineapple. If you LOVE to back stitch and want these designs to "pop", you can always outline the jars and some elements like my friend Jess.

Pineapple Marmalade Cross Stitch Pattern

With summer designs, I think it's best to go outside for your stitching. (I say this as I have yet to stitch outside at all this year.) Get out in the shade (yes, I'm a shade girl...), breath in the fresh air, and stitch.

If you're stitching the individual designs or a whole shelf, I'd love to see. Bonus points for backyard, porch, poolside, or beach pics! Tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #wildolivestitchingclub.

Cross Stitch Supplies

pattern // june's jar of pineapple marmalade

Pineapple Marmalade Embroidery Pattern

Who's ready to make some pineapple marmalade? Because it's time for another Jam of the Month embroidery pattern!

As I typed that, I just realized that this may be the only jam of the month club where you have to make the jam yourself. I'd think that was weird, but you're probably here for the making, so I'm just giving you what you want!

Anyway, this month's jar is filled with embroidered pineapple marmalade, and there's a tiny kawaii pineapple on the jar.

I've been using three strands for all of my stitching for these patterns, and mostly keeping to back stitch plus the faces. This one has two small changes to that plan. First, I used only two strands for the lines on the pineapple and I could have even gone with one strand. Everything else is three strands. And then I also added a bit of satin stitch for the pineapple bits because they're just cute that way!

Pineapple Marmalade Embroidery Pattern

Stitch this pattern, add it to your growing shelves filled with delicious jams and jellies, and then share it! Tag me on Instagram (@molliejohanson), use the #wildolivestitchingclub hashtag, or send me an email (molliejohanson at gmail dot com).

And for my cross stitch friends, your pattern is coming soon!

calendar // june's pineapple marmalade wallpapers

It's an extra-quick post for today! I'm just dropping in to drop off these new wallpapers for you. For June, it's a pineapple marmalade kind of month.

Grab a calendar and then make a batch to enjoy!