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Disney Popcorn Felt Ornament

Stitch your favorite snacks from Disney as felt ornaments or charms! Today I'm sharing a felt appliqué pattern of a box of popcorn. It's the first in a series of patterns for making felt ornaments, all based on some of the classic treats you can get at a Disney park.

Last month I shared an embroidery pattern with a bunch of snacks, and I mentioned that Disney has a whole new line of Merch that features their snacks. Now, I had the idea to do this before their announcement, but when they said there would be a specific snack each month, I thought I might just play along. At least a bit!

So February has popcorn as a feature and here we are with popcorn!

Disney Popcorn Felt Ornament

This is a minimalist pattern, in the sense that the download includes the pattern pieces and this post is just a summary of how to make it. No step-by-step photos for these!

For supplies, you'll need felt (I recommend wool blend felt from Benzie Design) and embroidery floss, plus freezer paper and iron, scissors, and a needle. You can cut the smaller circle with a scallop shear, or use my Circles and Scallops deep-etch dies, also from Benzie Design. You do need a manual die-cutting machine for the dies.

If you've ever made any of the felt ornaments from my Etsy shop or even on my blog, you'll be familiar with the process for this popcorn ornament and the ones to come.

If you haven't made one of these, I recommend watching my YouTube video showing an ornament from start to finish. It's from another pattern, but the process is the same.

On this particular ornament, I embroidered the popcorn details with scallop stitch and three strands. For the "Disney dust" on the popcorn box, I used three strands again, and formed the twinkles with scallop stitch and the rest with French knots. All the appliqué is done with two strands and whip stitch.

One thing that's slightly different on this than on my usual ornaments is that I stitched around the edge with holbein stitch. That's basically running stitch, and then you go back in the opposite direction and fill in the gaps with another round of running stitch. It looks like back stitch, but it's the same on both sides, which makes it prettier for a hanging ornament.

Disney Popcorn Felt Ornament

I love going to Disney parks, but popcorn isn't one of my most favorite snacks. So when I took my popcorn ornament to Disneyland recently, I opted to take a photo with the actual Disney snack merch. Just look at that adorable bag in the background! The top really looked like the real deal.

Of course, this ornament design doesn't have to only represent Disney popcorn. You can decorate the box differently or even leave it plain. And I know we usually think of ornaments for the holidays, but I think they are fun to use as little decorations any time of the year. Maybe even as a way to count down to a Disney trip!


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