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new embroidery kits from missouri star quilt co.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

Did you know that February is National Embroidery Month? I love embroidery and I love new embroidery finds. I also am on a bit of a mission to help connect people with embroidery because I know that it's something anyone can learn to do. Which is why I was especially excited about the embroidery kits that Missouri Star Quilt Co. released this month!

Missouri Star Quilt Co. (MSQC) has been one of my favorite places to get quilt supplies for a long time. And it makes sense since "quilt" is right there in the name. But some of the products they stock are great for embroidery too. They just didn't have the FULL range of items I'd be looking for. But now that's changed! They have a whole section of gorgeous tools and supplies, from high-end embroidery hoops to ready-to-stitch items to every DMC color of floss.

And then there are the kits. But before I show them off, let me mention a few things.

MSQC Embroidery Go Bag

First, I'm an MSQC Partner. That means the links in this post are affiliate links, but also, they will automatically apply a discount for you on eligble items. It also means that MSQC sent me these items as part of the partner program.

Next, last month, before I knew that these kits would be coming out, I put together what I call an embroidery go bag (pictured above). I used one of their quilting project bags and filled it with fabric, transfer material, thread, scissors, hoops, and more. So imagine my surprise when they unveiled this beauty:

MSQC Embroidery Kits

When I first saw the bag, I didn't know it was a kit, but I immediately recognized that it would PERFECTLY fit an embroidery hoop. And when the box arrived holding this, I was so excited because it was on my wishlist.

Officially, this is the "Learn Embroidery Stitch by Stitch with Missouri Star" kit, but I'd say that it's a great little set, even if you already are an experienced embroiderer. Let's start with the bag itself.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

Before you even unzip this bag, you have to admire this wonderful detail. There's an outside pocket WITH A ZIPPER. This is so handy for keeping the things you reach for all the time, even when the bag is closed. But the zipper means you don't have to worry about losing anything. It's so well thought out.

MSQC Embroidery Kits
MSQC Embroidery Kits

Inside, you'll find three more pockets. One is just a basic pocket, one has an elastic strap to help hold hoops or other items in place, and the third is a mesh pocket with a zipper. And the bag is nice and thick, so you can add more items in the middle without even using the pockets.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

The "kit" items include this custom printed sampler fabric that has 11 stitces to practice. And if you look in the upper right corner you'll see the enamel needle minder of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. logo. At least right now, this is the only way to get that needle minder!

Because I've been stitching a long time now, I've never actually embroidered a sampler like this. I mean, I've stitched samplers and even designed my own, but a printed one is new for me. I think it'll be fun to do this even thought I know the stitches.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

If you don't know these embroidery stitches, they have you covered because there's a little spiral bound book that has excellent diagrams showing the most common stitches you'll want to know. The book also includes patterns and guides for nine designs, and those same designs are included pre-printed on peel 'n' stick wash away stabilizer. Plus a sheet of blank wash away stabilizer!

There's also DMC embroidery floss, a stitchable tea towel, a hoop, a water-soluble pen, needles and needle threader, and a mini scissors. The hoop and scissors aren't as high quality as the ones that come in the heirloom kit, but they do the job.

If you're new to embroidery and want to get something that is more than just a "make this one thing" kit, Learn Embroidery Stitch by Stitch is a perfect place to start. You'll be able to make a tea towel right off the bat, but you'll have supplies and tools to keep going. And it'll all be organized in one place!

But if you not new to embroidery, you may still want to buy this just for the bag alone. I really love it that much!

MSQC Embroidery Kits

But if a beginner's kit wasn't enough, MSQC put together the Ingrid's Wildflower Heirloom Embroidery Kit. This was definitely designed for the more experienced embroiderer/quilter, but it's still good for someone who is ready to take the next step.

Inside this hexagon-shaped tin you'll find embroidery supplies and patterns to make an embroidered floral quilt. This doesn't include the fabric, but you can buy that separately as a kit or use your own fabric choices.

Let me tell you. I gasped when I opened this. First, I love the nod to the past with a floral embroidered quilt and the fact that it's designed to be made as an heirloom. It's gonna be a labor of love. But the items included are also just so thoughtful.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

There's a mini notions kit that includes a very nice pair of embroidery scissors, needles and needle threader, and a needle minder with a sweet little bee (based on one of the patterns in the beginner's kit!). They are all held on a folding card that shares the story of the kit's namesake, Ingrid.

Nostalgia will get me every time. And especially here because I learned to embroider from my grandma who's mom immigrated from Sweden, just like Ingrid. She didn't make stitched squares that I sewed into a quilt, but Nanny and I made things together and this kit feels like a family connection for me too.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

The embroidery hoop in here is a VERY nice hoop. You can probably see that just from looking at the photos, but you can also really feel it. Smooth, beechwood and quality hardware. The embroidery thread is perle cotton, which feels very vintage and I like that.

But to really make this a kit that is easy to use, each of the floral patterns is pre-printed on wash away stabilizer. You can just peel and stick it onto your fabric. This is especially a good choice because the suggested quilt fabric is denim. These patterns aren't just quick and easy to use, but they also make it so you can see the pattern markings on the dark fabric.

MSQC Embroidery Kits

All of the items are wonderful, but I really lost it when I pulled out these cards. Separate from these there's a booklet telling you how to make the embroidered quilt, but these are all about the details. They are hexagon-shaped which I adore and they have stitch diagrams and detailed instructions telling you how to embroider each of the 20 flower patterns.

I think all kits should be this well-planned.

One thing that I was a little worried about with the patterns on wash away stabilizer and the instructions on these cards was what if you wanted to embroider the designs again. Or what if something happened while you were stitching and you couldn't reuse the printed patterns. They thought of that too. There's a page in the set of cards that directs you to a digital download of the patterns. You'll have them forever this way!

Friends, I can think of no better way to end National Embroidery Month than by treating yourself to a special kit from Missouri Star Quilt Co.! And while you're there, check out the embroidery section to see more items that they now offer. They've made it so easy to find almost anything you might need.

Many thanks to MSQC for the opportunity to share these fun new products!


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