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wallpaper // quilt star sticker for august

Digital quilting wallpaper, anyone? Embroidery is my first love, followed by English paper piecing (or EPP, and more recently cross stitch. But I'm definitely a fan of all crafts. And since EPP is a form of quilting, I thought it would be fun to create a sticker wallpaper with a quilty design.

The star block design isn't really a block because it isn't the full square, but I really like it this way. And along with the star I added in some hexagons because I just love EPP hexagons.

To go along with this star, I'm working on a little project that I'll be sharing here soon. It's not really embroidery (though it has some embroidery) and it's not really quilting (though it has quilting fabric and will look like this star!). I can't wait to share more! On to the wallpapers! There are several sizes designed for desktop (or laptop!), phone, and tablet, plus one that says "August" for those who like using them as "month markers" on Instagram. Even if this is a day or two late. Finally, there's a plain orange background to match if you want for your phone. (I use the plain one on my IG stories, and you're welcome to do that too.)

Speaking of stickers, this year has had all these wallpapers with my own "sticker" designs on them, but I haven't made any into actual stickers. Which is funny since I DO have stickers available for purchase on Threadless. Maybe I need to add some of the designs from the wallpapers? Which would you like to see?


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