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ko-fi klatsch // what we've been stitching

Yummy Snacks Stitching

At the beginning of 2023, I launched my Ko-Fi Klatsch, which is a subscription-based membership on the website Ko-Fi. I haven't shared much about it here since then, so I thought I'd show off a few of the things we've been stitching!

Each month, members receive embroidery and cross stitch patterns, both with the same design. No matter if you like one technique or the other OR if you do both, I've got you covered. The patterns this year are all coming from the "Wild Olive Coffee Shop" so there are things like the yummy snacks you see above, as well as plenty of things themed to coffee, tea, and other favorite coffee shop treats.

But First Coffee Stitching

The year started with this But First, Coffee pattern, which features felt flowers added after the stitching. I've done something similar before with embroidery, but this was a first for me to add it to cross stitch. And I really like it! This saying was something my great grandma Mollie was known to say, so it felt right to include it here.

Tea With Friends Embroidery

This little tea infuser was part of the March pattern. It actually included this plus two styles of tea bags, but I just embroidered the one. Of course, the cross stitch version had the same tea friends, but I didn't stitch them.

Latte Heart Pattern
May Flower Teacup Pattern

Speaking of not stitching things, in February and May, my schedule got a little busy, and sample stitching wasn't happening. That said, I did see several folks who stitched up both of designs in the different techniques, and they were great!

Whether it's Ko-Fi Klatsch members stitching patterns from the member-exclusive collection, shop customers or blog followers, I love when people tag me in their photos of finished (or started!) projects using my designs. Truly. Keep tagging me!

Rainbow Of Mugs Stitching

Most recently, in June we stitched a rainbow of mugs. I LOVE mugs and try not to collect too many. Stitching lots of them is completely fine though. Put them in rainbow order and I'm a happy girl!

Something new that I also started doing in June is that several tiers in the Ko-Fi Klatsch get stitch along videos to go with the pattern of the month. It's part how-to, part tips and tricks, and part podcast. I like to think of it as stitching along with a friend...I just can't see you!

Wild Olive's Ko-Fi Klatsch

You've seen the patterns so far this year, but let me give you a quick rundown of all the benefits in the whole Ko-Fi Klatsch.

First, all members get every bonus download that I share on Ko-Fi. These are things like alternate pattern versions, printables, special extras, and more that are available for anywho who leaves a tip. Members get them all. Including all the past bonus content.

Next, all members get the exclusive patterns each month, which is what all the patterns in this post are. An embroidery version and a cross stitch version. Of course, you also get all the past patterns in this category.

If you join at the Favorite Mug tier and higher, you ALSO get access to the stitch along videos that go with the patterns.

And finally, the top tier, Jumbo Mug and Pastry Combo, gets all the things PLUS a monthly discount code for my Etsy shop and ALL new pattern releases before they reach the shop.

So, if you like Wild Olive patterns, I think you'll really like being part of the Ko-Fi Klatsch. And if you don't you can always cancel any time!

Before I end this, I just want to give a huge shoutout to all the Ko-Fi Klatsch members! I am so thankful for the support that helps keep things running over here. You're the best!


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