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wallpaper // roller skate for july

Do you roller skate? Did you as a kid? Then you might just love this new kawaii roller skate wallpaper! I was miserable at skating when I was little and I haven't even tried as an adult because I don't want to break any bones. But I think that the whole roller skating vibe is delightful and I'm happy to celebrate it.

I know several folks who do roller derby and I've always loved all the shows like Charlie's Angels that seemed to require including a roller derby episode. Literally the closest I've ever gotten to attending one is watching an open skate night. You get enough skaters out on the rink and it's practially the same kind of thing. I joke of course.

Ultimately, this design is a full-on flashback to the things of my youth because I was an 80s kid and I probably had an actual sticker that looked very much like this.

Now, let's get you some wallpapers! These come in several sizes as well as one that says "July" for those who like using them as "month markers" on Instagram. There's also a plain violet background to match if you want for your phone. You can grab what you need here:

I've been sharing these near the beginning of each month like I have done before with the calendar wallpapers, but I didn't get to one for June. That's actually one of the reasons I didn't make these calendars this year...flexibility! Instead, I get to feel like I'm early for once!

This design also has me inspired when it comes to pattern type things, so be on the lookout for a pattern (or two!) that will allow you to stitch a retro skate. Yay!


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