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wallpaper // crayons for may + hexagon tinies patterns

Each month I share a new downloadable wallpaper, and for May I have a little box of crayons on the design along with a few extra crayons and stars. This year I've been making these look like stickers on colorful lined paper. They're fun this way and a great background, especially with on a desktop with icons around. But I'll get back to icons on the "paper."

This month's crayons are based on a pattern that I made a few years back. It was actually 30 tiny patterns that I called Hexagon Tinies and they are still scattered in posts in on my blog.

Hexagon Tinies - Rainbow

I never stitched the crayons, but I did embroider this colorful rainbow! Each of the tiny patterns is designed to fit on a 1-inch hexagon that you can use for English paper piecing, which you see here. Other designs include a jam jar, a flashlight, several food items, and lots of summer fun. They don't have suggested colors, but that just means you can choose whatever you'd like!

Since they are not super easy to find these days (and because they are a bunch of separate files), I thought it would be nice to put them all together in a handy PDF file. I also added some easy-cut hexagons to the file which you can use as EPP templates.

The PDF is available on my Ko-Fi page (it's like Patreon!) for anyone who leaves a tip or becomes a member. Of course, when you do that, you unlock a bunch more content too!

Now, let's get back to the wallpapers. These come in several sizes and I also have one that says "May" for those who like using them as "month markers" on Instagram (I do know it's a little late for that now!). You can grab what you need here:

When I've made these each month, I usually also make a blank "paper" version that I use in my Instagram stories as a background. For some reason, it didn't occur to me until now that these would be great as a home screen background to coordinate with the lockscreen for your phone. You know...a basic wallpaper to showcase your app icons!

So here you can download the lined green paper for this month, along with the ones from prior months/wallpaper designs!

I hope these are fun and helpful for you!


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