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project // pumpkin pie slice magnets

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

It's pumpkin pie season! I love desserts of all kinds, but this is still one of my favorites, and one reason is that I love Thanksgiving. And what could be more Thanksgiving than pumpkin pie? Maybe a slice of pie with a happy little face that's also a magnet?

This simple little project came out of me wanting to make a craft that middle school students could make in a few minutes, but it's really something that all ages can enjoy. It's a fun idea to have out at the "kids table" on Thanksgiving, and it's also something that people of all ages and abilities can make.

It's a little bit of cutting out shapes, a little bit of glueing, and a bit of playing with the soft texture of cotton balls! You end up with a magnet to hold notes on your fridge or stick in your locker.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

In fact, instead of using this to hold up a Happy Thanksgiving note, you could use this to hold an ongoing list of things that you're grateful for. You know...see a slice of pie, think about something you're thankful for, and then write it down!

Okay, are you ready to get baking...er...crafting?

Here's what you need:

Orange and Tan Card Stock (see notes at the end for other materials to use!)
Glue Stick
Cotton Ball
Black Marker
Magnet Strip


Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Use the template in the PDF to cut out an orange wedge and a tan crust.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Use a glue stick to attach the crust to the pie.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Pull off a small piece of the cotton ball and roll it into a ball.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet
Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Put a dab of glue on the slice of pie and then stick the cotton ball whipped cream down.

TIP: Sometimes kids or others who don't do a lot of crafting try to stick the glue on the cotton ball. That doesn't work out so well, so be sure to show how to put the glue on the paper.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Draw a happy little face on the pie. This is, of course, optional, but I think it's super cute this way. I could have added one of my Wild Olive faces on the template, but this way there's unlimited creativity!

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Cut a piece of magnet strip and attach it to the back of the pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Pie Magnet

Now your magnet is all ready for Thanksgiving celebrations!

Because I designed this as something a bunch of students could do, I made it with cardstock. This is the least expensive material, especially when it comes to possible waste and kids starting their project several times. Not that they would do that! Ha!

You can absolutely make this out of craft foam or felt instead of cardstock. Just be sure to use glue that will hold whatever material you're using. And if you're using felt, you may need to either stitch or paint the face. You could also use wiggle eyes on your pie instead of just drawing.

I hope you enjoy making your magnetic pumpkin pie and eating the real deal!


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