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pattern // pia the pig cross stitch

Pia The Pig Cross Stitch Pattern

Would you like to cross stitch our Kawaii Crossing friend, Pia the Pig? She's here and ready for you along with her dress form and some colored pencils!

Now, something that I really noticed with this pattern in particular. It's been true for most of these Kawaii Crossing motif groupings, but this one feels really in your face. And that's scale. I just want to acknowlege that the scale is not accuate for any or all of these. The dress form is not the correct size for Pia. And the colored pencils would look ginormous compared to the dress form and even a little for Pia.

I debated about how much this might bother me, but you know what? It's just fine!

However, one thing that I really wanted to be sure of for those colored pencils is how the points were going to work. I drew up the pattern but I was worried that it would look funny. And while sometimes these free patterns come to you just as a chart, I didn't want to risk it on the pencils.

Tiny Cross Stitch Colored Pencil

So here is a pencil stitching test!

I haven't stitched Pia yet, and even my sparkle border is unfinished, but I stitched that pencil. And I like how the point came out! These are just three back stitches, with each one going over two squares (both straight and on an angle). This isn't typical back stitch, but I like these longer stitches and they work well for making these pencil points. Now let's get to this pattern!


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