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kid craft // simple scarecrow

Simple Scarecrow Craft

Looking for a simple scarecrow craft that kids (or teens and adults!) can make in a jiffy? This easy project uses minimal materials and is sure to be a success. Plus, if you have crows that like to attack your houseplants, you can stick this fun friend in a flowerpot to be a plant pick!

I made this as a craft for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities and they loved it. I know that my friends in this group aren't big on cutting things out, so I prepped the sticks and cut out the hat and shirt. You could definitely make these steps part of the project if you're doing this with any age group.

Becuase this is so simple (and because I was literally snapping a few pics on the fly before it was time for folks to start making these!), I have minimal photos. But you won't need much! What I do have though is a free template so you can start making your scarecrows right away.

You will need:

Jumbo craft stick
Standard craft stick
Glue (I used hot glue for speed!)
Paper and/or fabric scraps
Glue stick
Fine-tip markers or colored pencils


Simple Scarecrow Craft

Glue the smaller craft stick onto the larger one so it forms a cross.

You can use craft glue for this, but it will take some time to dry. Having these prepared by hot gluing them in advance really helped make this a faster craft.

Simple Scarecrow Craft

Cut out the hat and shirt pieces. I used paper for the hat and fabric for the shirt. On the hat, we fringed the bottom edge so it was more like a straw hat.

Use glue stick to attach the pieces. We only attached these to the front, but you could make two of each piece and add them to the back as well.

Finally, draw a little scarecrow face on the head. A triangle nose and a "stitched" mouth really sell this look!

And that's it! People of all ages and abilities can make this with success in about 5 minutes, and sometimes that's exactly what you need. I hope this brings you some autumn joy!

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  1. So cute!! Thanks for posting this!


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