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pattern // colorful cloud house cross stitch

Colorful Cloud House Cross Stitch Chart

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough rainbows. Ever. Which is what made this free Colorful Cloud House pattern (with a rainbow over it!) so much fun to make. And I hope you'll have as much fun stitching it. I'm currently stitching the embroidery version which will be here soon. If I didn't have a dozen other things to finish, I'd be stitching this cross stitch one too!

One thing I want to point out with this is that the cloud (which is actually the house part here) is of course white, and i didn't outline it with back stitch in the pattern. My personal taste with cross stitch is less back stitch. But that means that it would be best stitched on colored Aida. Light blue or turquoise will give it the sky look, but even stitched on black I think it would be so striking!

All of that said, if you are stitching this as a town and it's on the same fabric with other houses (or last year's shops!), you may want to back stitch around the cloud part. I'd probably go with the lighter blue. Sound good?


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