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printable // take a rainbow poster

Take a Rainbow Printable Poster
Wall Background Photo by melodi2 from FreeImages

Do you need a rainbow today? Please take one! We've all seen the posters advertising something and along the bottom is a row of tabs you can tear off to learn more. Recently I've seen more of this style of poster but instead of an ad, the tabs have some little fun phrase or encouragement. So I thought, wouldn't it be so fun if people could take a rainbow with them? I know that I'd like to carry a happy rainbow in my pocket.

All you have to do is print out the poster, cut the tabs, and hang it up for folks to enjoy!

Take a Rainbow Printable Poster

Print out the poster on regular paper and then grab your scissors. Cut the tabs apart in the white space between each rainbow.

Take a Rainbow Printable Poster

You may want to fold the tabs along the dashed line so that they are easier to tear off, but you don't have to.

Take a Rainbow Printable Poster

Each little rainbow reminds me of a stick of gum. Did you ever eat Fruit Strips gum as a kid? Yeah, that. But also, I know that there have been many times when I've received some small note or reminder and I've kept it in my pocket. Any time I reach in to that pocket (especially jackets or things that aren't frequently washed), just feeling the note was a reminder. And who wouldn't want to know that they have a rainbow in their pocket? Take a Rainbow Printable Poster

You can tape your poster up somewhere so people can see it. Here are some ideas: on a message board at a coffee shop, on a school locker, in your break room at work, or even outside your home! Anywhere that you're allowed to tack up a little sign.

Rainbows are just one of those things that make people smile. For me, they're also a reminder of God's promises, and I really like keeping those reminders close!


  1. Thank you, Mollie. If we ever get back to in person church again, I will be dropping this intermittently on stray bulletin boards.

    1. That sounds like a perfect place for this. And we'll get back there eventually! I'm so thankful that we have ways to stay connected in the meantime...

  2. Love this, Mollie! I have a couple of these types of posters on my site. I'd love to include yours too! Would you want to share it as a mini guest post? This is one of the existing ones: https://www.craftic.com/take-what-you-need-poster/ :)

  3. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Thank you for this colorful poster - perfect for a rainy day :)


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