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pattern // kawaii crossing beach shop cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Beach Shop Cross Stitch

I'm very happy to share with you, at long last, the beach shop cross stitch pattern! As always, this is free for you to enjoy and add to your growing town. The embroidery version is coming this week, I promise!

When I shared my beach shop illustration for this month's Kawaii Crossing addition, I mentioned that I'm not a beach gal. Pools are more my thing, but with a history of melanoma, I still have to stay safe and when it comes to the sun. All of that said, right now I could really go for a big adorondac chair on the deck of a beach house with a giant umbrella, and an iced tea in my hand as I watch people surf and play in the sand.

Kawaii Crossing Beach Shop Cross Stitch

Instead, we'll just have to stitch, which can feel like a little vacation (or staycation!) of its own.

When I chose the colors for this whole big project, I didn't take into account how similar the lavendar shades are when you stitch them next to each other. That means that the definition on the shell is subtle if you use the colors in the chart. I opted to leave them that way in the chart because I didn't want to suddenly add more colors, but if you want to make yours stand out more, use a darker purple. I'd suggest working with DMC 208 in place of 209 in this one.

Also, I maaaaayyy have stitched mine wrong when it comes to where the bottom of the shop meets the grass. Ignore the photos and go with what's on the chart.

Kawaii Crossing Beach Shop Cross Stitch

The full Kawaii Crossing Stitching Club chart (so far) is below or if you'd like the individual shop charts, which are a little easier to see when printed, they are under the cross stitch patterns from this year. Personally, I like pulling up the pattern on a screen so that I can enlarge it as needed.


  1. Thank you for the heads up about the purples. I would never have even thought about it. Thank you for letting us learn from your experiences. :-)

    1. And thanks for your grace as I try these things on the fly! The two shades of purple look different enough as full skeins, but as tiny stitches? Not so much!


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