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calendar // june's kawaii crossing beach shop wallpaper

June is here and it's not what I expected. How about you? Because I make smiling happy things, it's easy to think that that's how I am or that it's all I care about. When my heart is breaking and our world is hurting, I always question if I should share my kawaii creations because it might seem insensitive or ingenuine. But I believe there can be joy in the midst of mourning and calling for justice, so here I am with a new wallpaper. With the hope that I can share a bit of joy as we work toward a better (much-needed) future.

I am not a beach girl. So it confuses even me that I chose to add a beach shop to the streets of Kawaii Crossing. But whether you're able to visit a beach or not, whether you're want to or not, you have to admit that a shell-shaped shop that sells surfboards, swimwear, and souvenirs is very appealing.

So add some joy to your screen and enjoy some virtual beach time!


  1. I think you should ALWAYS share your Kawaii creations because they are genuine and authentic!! They make my heart SO happy! Thank you!

  2. I love IT!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Hi Mollie, when will the cross-stitch chart for the Beach House be posted? Thanks!

    1. I am just running behind. Hopefully it will be up tonight!

  4. It's very important for us all to have bright spots during these hard times. Thank you, so much.


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