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pattern // kawaii crossing garden center cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Garden Center Cross Stitch

It's time to get out in the garden and do some stitching! Okay, so it might still be a little chilly in some places to stitch outdoors, but at least you can cross stitch a garden center and mentally prepare for a new season. My latest Kawaii Crossing pattern is free and ready to download!

I've been adding these new patterns all in a row, and with the garden center, this top row is complete! I'm working mine in three rows, but I've seen some folks change this up a little. Here's the first little lane:

Kawaii Crossing Garden Center Cross Stitch

This is my first time making a larger cross stitch design made up of smaller elements, and I learn a little more with each pattern I add. Thank you for bearing with me. But I have to say I'm having so much fun!

If you're new to this, I'm working with two strands on 16-count Aida. You can grab the entire pattern (so far!) below, or work with the individual shop charts. For those, you'll need to look back through the cross stitch patterns from this year.

Kawaii Crossing Garden Center Cross Stitch

And don't forget to tag me (@molliejohanson) on Instagram and/or use the tag #kawaiicrossing or #wildolivestitchingclub so everyone can see!

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  1. Mollie,

    You come up with the best designs! I love them.



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