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pattern // pineapple marmalade cross stitch chart

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Hey, cross stitch friends! Are you ready for your version of the Pineapple Marmalade Jam of the Month pattern? I hope so. Because this month's free cross stitch chart is here.

Some of these patterns have taken me a while to set up and post, but I don't know what it is about summer and pineapples that gets me so excited...I just couldn't wait! That summer tropical fruit motivation made it happen.

When I design cross stitch patterns, I try to keep the back stitch to a minimum. This is funny because, in embroidery, back stitch is my favorite! But for this design, it does have a little back stitch to make the markings on the pineapple. If you LOVE to back stitch and want these designs to "pop", you can always outline the jars and some elements like my friend Jess.

Pineapple Marmalade Cross Stitch Pattern

With summer designs, I think it's best to go outside for your stitching. (I say this as I have yet to stitch outside at all this year.) Get out in the shade (yes, I'm a shade girl...), breath in the fresh air, and stitch.

If you're stitching the individual designs or a whole shelf, I'd love to see. Bonus points for backyard, porch, poolside, or beach pics! Tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #wildolivestitchingclub.

Cross Stitch Supplies


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