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pattern // a royal oval sapphire for september

September Sapphire Pattern

We're nine months into 2018, and now we're nine patterns into this Birthstone Wild Olive Stitching Club! I'm a little behind once again, but I hope that if you're stitching along you're keeping up.

September's birthstone is a sapphire, and as I mentioned when I shared the wallpapers, I chose this gemstone cut based on Princess Diana's amazing sapphire engagement ring. To match the rest of the birthstones in the series, this is just the large stone. However, if you wanted to stitch a version of this that matches the ring, it would look pretty fantastic if you stitched metallic french knot "diamonds" around the oval. Just an idea!

I'm still stitching mine, and then it will get some EPP half hexagons around it, all of which are in the pattern below. Or you can, of course, stitch it larger with the full-size pattern.

And remember that these will all fit together as a special birthday celebration placemat, suitable for birthdays any month of the year!


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