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pattern // amethyst heart birthstone embroidery

February Amethyst Pattern

Get ready to stitch a heart-shaped gem with February's amethyst birthstone! Because it's time for another free stitching club embroidery pattern!

This year I'm giving myself permission to ramble a bit in posts, and so that's what you're about to encounter. Consider yourself warned.

If I were planning this better, I'd share these posts earlier in the month. Especially with a heart that you might want to stitch for Valentine's Day, which is the day after tomorrow. But I do what I can do.

In fact, I thought I would be posting this several days ago. I stitched the pattern in an evening, along with several other small patterns for another project. Then I prepared the EPP pieces and started stitching in another evening. And then I'm not sure what happened the next day. All I know is that yesterday afternoon I finally got back to trying to finish this hexagon block.

And I realized that a Sunday afternoon was a better time for reading, since I could finish off the stitching at night with Amazon Prime running. It was a great plan. Right up until an old episode of Survivor distracted me and I didn't stitch a thing. Oooops!

Not wanting to wait any longer, I snapped a picture of my not-quite-finished EPP so the pattern can finally come your way.

So here's the latest Birthstone Stitching Club pattern! I stitched mine with the new DMC color number 30.

In the PDF there's the small version that fits on a 1-inch hexagon, a larger version, plus the EPP templates.

Eventually, all of these birthstones will fit together in a project, which I'm still working out. If you want to use them individually, they'd be adorable coasters! Oh, and you can share your progress pics with the hashtag #WildOliveStitchingClub

That's the end of my rambling for today...happy stitching!


  1. Sweet little project ! Thank YOU !
    What does EPP mean ? Also, I can't figure out what the hexagonal strip on the right is for.
    Thanks for responding ! 'Looking forward to more of your posts !

    1. EPP = English Paper Pieced, the technique used.

    2. Those other two strips on the right are the next two pieces that will fill in the remaining space around the hexagon.

    3. I should have explained that a little better!

      As Alexandria said (thanks, btw!), EPP is English Paper Piecing. It's the hand quilting used to make the hexagon shape and the pieces around it that you see in the photo. The hexagon strip is to make the paper pieces used for the technique.

  2. How beautiful! You are so talented. Blessings and Happy Hearts Day to you!

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