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pattern // january birthstone embroidery & stitching club

January Garnet Embroidery Pattern

Want to celebrate a January birthday with some embroidery? This free gemstone embroidery pattern is just for you!

When I decided to make birthstone-themed calendars for this year, I also knew that I wanted to make embroidery patterns to match. As I started thinking about what that would look like, I came up with an idea.

Each month I'll have a new pattern to share and it will look like the gemstone shape for the matching calendar. That's not really new. But I thought it might be fun to make this into something a bit like one of my stitching clubs, but here on the blog.

This year I don't have plans to do a regular email-based stitching club so this will fill in that gap, both for you and for me! It will be lower pressure because it's just one mini pattern each month. And I won't be giving all the extra information in this...just a rough guide, which helps me a bit. Of course, one big benefit for you is that it's FREE!

Like with my regular stitching clubs, this has some EPP worked into it. Each of the 12 birthstone patterns goes on a 1-inch hexagon, surrounded by half-hexagons. Those 12 pieces will fit together with a few other pieces to make a small project.

I actually haven't decided what that project will be. Certainly, a mini quilt is an option, but I might come up with an alternate project too. Possibly a tote bag? Or a table runner or placemat that could come out on birthdays? If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, let me know in the comments!

If you aren't up for doing this as a big yearlong project, you can just use the individual pattern. The download has the mini pattern, plus a larger version. It also has the EPP pieces for you to print and cut.

And since I love seeing people stitching their way through projects like this, I hope you'll tag your pictures on Instagram and Twitter (or Facebook too, although I can't see those) with #WildOliveStitchingClub so we can all follow each other's work! You can also leave comments here with links to your posts.

What do you think? Fun? I hope so!

I stitched mine with DMC 304, but you can use your favorite garnet-shade of floss. I'd also like to point out that while this is intended to be birthstones, you can make these any colors you want because each pattern will essentially be a gemstone shape. Get creative with it!

Happy birthstone stitching!


  1. Love this, thank you . . . and it's my birthstone too! I'll be . . . [one year older . . .] on the 15th :)

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM


    What about a set of Mug Rugs? These seem to be about the right size as is and would be easy to finish off. What do you think? Love your ideas and blog!


  3. Fun idea! I think a tote bag project sounds great. You can never have too many project bags, right? :)

  4. One day I'll have time to join one of your beautiful stitching clubs. Until then, I'll just enjoy the eye candy you post on social media :-)


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