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pattern // stitching love on international embroidery day

Stitching Love Embroidery Pattern

Happy International Embroidery Day, stitching friends! (Or World Embroidery Day, depending on who you talk to...)

I hear about these special days, and then I forget, and then they pop up and surprise me. And since I was happily surprised with a day devoted to one of my favorite things, I thought I would surprise you with a free pattern.

Five years ago, and a year before I ever started talking about creating my book, Stitch Love, I made this pattern. It was created as a bonus for one of my online classes, and I didn't even think about it when titling my book. In fact, my editor was the one who suggested Stitch Love, and it wasn't until today that I realized how this has been a theme in my work for so long.

On International Embroidery Day, a Stitching Love pattern was too perfect to leave in the past. And since I've tried to pull a few things from the archives this year (something I call "making old new", it was doubly right.

If you love stitching, I hope you have a chance to stitch love today and everyday!


  1. Sew cute. :) Thank you very much.

  2. Lovely pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is super cute! Thank you for your generosity

  4. This is super cute! Thank you for your generosity

  5. mfmarrec3:27 AM

    Thanks for sharing
    cute pattern
    marie-francoise from France


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