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printable // weekly hexagon planner

Hexagon Planner

How do you like to plan your week? What things do you plan? How detailed do you get?

I like a plan, but a flexible one. I like planning my blog posts in Google Calendar so I can change them around as needed. When I have things to do (which is forever and always!), I like planning on small pieces of paper that get thrown away when the work is done. And our biggest planning challenge around here is for meals. The meal plan needs to be changeable and reusable.

To address all of these sorts of things, I made a rainbow hexagon planner page. It is just seven lines...one for each day of the week. Use it for whatever you like to plan.

I'll probably end up laminating mine and use it for meal planning. That way I can wipe it off and use it again the following week. Another way to create a wipe-off planner is in a frame with glass in it, or with write & wipe pockets (which they have in the Target Dollar Spot right now!)

Grab the PDF for the full page or half-size hexagon planner.

And since we're on a planner theme...how about a little calendar Hexagon Tinies pattern today? You could even stitch this to go on your personal planner!


  1. Acccckkkkk, I love this planner sheet so much, Mollie - the cuteness is killing me! Adorable - thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. LOVE the planner sheets!

  3. Yours is SEW adorable!!! *wink*


  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Super cute! thank you!

  5. I'm a sucker for free printables. Love the design!

  6. Such a cute and versatile printable! Thank you :)


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