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pattern // hexagon tinies balloon animal dog

I'm getting later and later on these daily posts with the Hexagon Tinies! Yikes! But so far every day in June has had a new little pattern...and I'm NOT gonna mess it up.

Today you get a little balloon dog. I've never really been a big fan of balloons, but I always thought it was so cool when someone was twisting balloon animals and they did that thing where the little puff appears on the dog's tail. That was pure magic to me as a child! Of course, I had to add that to my embroidery pattern.

Also, I realize that the face on this doggy might seem strange to some. I wrestled with it, and in the end, I went with the face on the dog's belly. If it just isn't your thing, leave it off...or put a face on his head. The choice is up to you!


  1. This is so cute! I didn't even register the face being in the "wrong" place. I've just come to expect a cute little smile on all of your creations, and there it is. Thank you for this sweet project you've given us this whole month. I haven't decided what I'm doing with all of these, but I know it will be joyful :)

  2. Heeheee, I was thinking FrankenWeinie style was happening!

  3. that little puff is about the coolest thing to learn when learning balloon animals :D


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