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pattern & printable // joy is coffee (and a way to spread true joy!)

I love coffee. I drink it every day, even when it's 98 degrees outside and the air conditioner isn't running. In the morning, I look like a sleepy turtle until I've had my coffee. It's one of my favorite parts of my life. To me, joy is coffee and coffee is joy.

So I made some artwork and an embroidery pattern to shout that from the blog rooftops. You'll find the download links below. Print 'em, stitch 'em, post 'em, enjoy 'em.

In reality, to say that joy is coffee is a stretch because true joy is something a little different. Happiness is a better word for what coffee is to me, although sometimes it feels like joy. So let's go with it okay?

Now, let's chat for a moment. Imagine that you have this favorite coffee. It's a little pricey, but you know that it's super good and you just love it. So you tell a few of your friends about the coffee, because they need to know! They think it sounds delicious, but just can't afford the premium blend that you love so much. So what do you do?

You buy some for them! This coffee you love needs to be enjoyed by others!

At least, that's how I'd feel about it. And that's just coffee. That's just a few sips of happiness. What if you have real, true joy, and you know where that joy comes from? Wouldn't you want to share that with others, even if it means skipping the premium roast?

These are my friends, the Lamberts. They feel a strong calling to be missionaries in Guam, where Mike will be Transmitter Engineer at a radio station run by TWR. This station broadcasts the good news of great joy about Jesus at no cost to listeners. Imagine that you could help make this joy available to literally millions of people.

The radio station needs Mike and his family there as soon as possible, and the Lamberts are eager to jump in, but they're still raising their funding. Guam is a great location for a radio transmitter, but it takes a lot to move there. However, if a bunch of folks give just a little each month, they'll be on their way in no time!

If you are someone who would like to share the true joy that comes from Jesus, would you consider joining me in supporting the Lamberts? Think about it. Pray about it. Talk with your family about it. One time gifts are appreciated, and a monthly commitment (even a small one!) would mean the world to them.

The pattern and printable are free for you, simply because I wanted to make them. There's absolutely no obligation to donate to the organization that my friends are working with, I just wanted you to know about this opportunity. Oh, and if you ever want to know about the joy I'm talking about, the joy that goes beyond coffee and that keeps me going even when life stinks, just ask. I'd be happy to tell you more.


  1. oh this pattern is just the cutest, Im not really a coffee trinker, but from time to time I totally love a espresso

    btw, the pattern download is not working, just the jpg

  2. This is adorable! It will make the best little cubicle wall hanging for my co-worker who keeps a french press at her desk. Thank you!

  3. this is so cute :) I love it ! Thanks for sharing honey xoxo

  4. Cute pattern. Good luck to the Lamberts as they good out.

  5. You are a GOOD person, besides being adorable. Praying for the Lamberts!

  6. This pattern is just perfect! I love it! Thanks for sharing! And my prayers are with the Lamberts! What an exciting (and probably somewhat scary) adventure they will be embarking on together as they follow the Lord's guidance!

  7. Oh Mollie, I just read your latest post about the anniversary of your blog, so I decided to go back and look at some of your earlier posts...I love the one about the hula pig and then the one where she fell off your desk! I can't wait to go back and read some more...just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog and you!

  8. Rachel5:39 PM

    Hi Molly!! I just found your blog a few months ago on bloglovin!! I love all of the embroidery projects you have on the blog!!

  9. have you been to arcedium? i'm not big on coffee, but their roast is delicious (and i love supporting the local business!)

  10. SO DARN CUTE! Just makes a person smile inside!

  11. Hi Mollie - A friend sent me to your site to download this adorable pattern. I can see the jpg but it doesn't appear that the pattern is working. Thank you!

    1. Hmm...I tried it here, and it came up just fine. Maybe try right-clicking (ctrl-click on Mac), then "save link as". Let me know if that works, otherwise, email me and I'll send it directly. molliejohanson at gmail

  12. I think it's working now. Where's the 'like' button? ;) Thanks!

  13. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Hi, a friend just showed me the cute turkey pattern with hexi's, then she went on to find out that you are supporting the Lamberts. Well, my friend is in Slovakia with TWR. We are in Elkhart, IN with TWR and just returned from one month helping in Swaziland and before that two months on Guam. It is exciting to see new missionaries going to the field. We have served with TWR for 45 years together and my husband a couple of years before we married. We spent 18 years in Swaziland and South Africa. Love your site. Will be looking at it more. Not sure how to choose a profile, so will just try something. :-)


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