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pattern: have yourself a merry little christmas

Let Your Heart Be Light

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is my dad's favorite Christmas song, and because of that, it holds a very special place in my heart. I just HAD to dedicate a post to this song.

While there are many wonderful lines in this song, I chose the lyric "let your heart be light" because it felt like a good reminder to have around all year. Stitch it for a gift for someone celebrating or someone moving away (both things that Judy Garland's character was experiencing when this song was sung in Meet Me in St. Louis), or stitch it for yourself. But this year, have yourself a merry little Christmas and let your heart be light.

HUGE thanks to Crystal of Two Little Aussie Birds for stitching and photographing the sample above! I love that she gave it a bit of a Valentine feeling!


  1. Lovely pattern-thank you!

  2. your lovely pattern inspired me- so i printed it out, enlarged it and made a golden wall sticker in my hallway :) come and see- https://www.instagram.com/p/_7b4gko_gB/?taken-by=stambour
    hope you like it, love & light, sharon


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